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The Bookkeeper

I'm Rachel Bennett, your bookkeeper and owner of Divine Accounting Solutions. Every little action has an impact. My specialty is financial compliance and cash flow assessment. 

I've managed, owned, and "kept books" for 9 years. I have great relationships with several CPA's. I'm currently studying for my EA. I have a Bachelor of Science from Appalachian State University in Sustainable Development/Agroecology Systems. 

In mid-2022, I sold a kombucha brewing company I co-owned for 5 years. It is still a local success. So I know the business ownership dance of growth and compliance. I also am also a very active person, believing health is wealth. We have to find a balance. 


I can't help but explore and create. It's my pleasure to help you make your dream business a stable reality. 

Every business needs accounting solutions tailored to their model and vision. 

My Expertise:

  • Compliance bookkeeping, see Services

  • Diagnose and clean up financial systems, collaborating with your CPA or Auditor as needed. 

  • Help your new business set up its financial system and confirm your required filings as a new business.

  • Offer advisement in QuickBooks Online and integrations. 

Client relationships are important. I practice clear and concise communication. I also strive to keep my services equitable. My billing practices are based on value pricing and my accrued knowledge.

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